Grant reporting due dates

1st Quarter FY 12-13 status report due October 10, 2012

2nd Quarter FY 12-13 status report due January 10, 2012

3rd Quarter FY 12-13 status report Due April 10, 2013

4th Quarter FY 12-13 status report due July 10, 2013

Grants reporting Templates

Florida Defense Grants Timeline, FY 13-14

July 3                          Enterprise Florida issues formal RFP.
July 12                        Pre-application conference call (strongly suggest participation).
August 9                    Application submission deadline (4 weeks).
August 12-16             EFI staff reviews all applications for eligibility and forwards eligible applications to Defense Grant Selection Committee for their evaluation and ranking.
August 19-23             Selection Committee scores each eligible grant application and forwards recommendations to EFI.
Aug TBD                    EFI/Selection Committee debriefing.
Sept TBD                   EFI forwards its recommendations to Secretary of Commerce, EFI President/CEO for final selection and approval.

Sept TBD                   Executive Office of the Governor announces grant awards.




FY 12/13 Defense Infrastructure Awards Announced

Award Letter

Selection Process


FY 12/13 Defense Reinvestment Awards Announced

Award Letter

Selection Process


Defense Grant Programs

Grant Programs of the Office of the Governor, administered by Enterprise Florida Inc and funded by the state's legislature to assist Florida’s communities hosting defense industries, bases, and installations.

Defense Infrastructure Grant (DIG)

DIG provides support for local infrastructure projects including those associated with the following issues: encroachment, transportation and access, utilities, communications, housing, environment, and security that have a positive impact on an installation’s military value.  Infrastructure grants may also be used to conduct studies, develop presentations, analyses, plans, and modeling in direct support of infrastructure projects.

Approved budget for FY 2012-2013: $1,581,245


Defense Reinvestment Grant (DRG)

The DRG program provides communities hosting military installations with resources to support advocacy and military community relations. DRGs must be part of a plan to support the needs of an installation, and/or shall work in conjunction with defense-dependent communities in developing strategies that will help communities expand its non-defense economy, as appropriate. Activities can include studies, presentations, analyses, plans, marketing, modeling, and reasonable travel costs.

Approved budget for FY 2011-2012: $850,000.00


Military Base protection fund (MBP)

Florida's military base retention programs (288.980 F.S.) are intended to provide the State with the necessary means to assist communities with military installations that could potentially be adversely affected by federal base realignment or closure actions. The military base retention programs encourage Florida communities to initiate a coordinated program of response and plan of action in advance of future actions of the federal Base Realignment and Closure Commission.


The following schedule comprises the grant schedule.  DEO and EFI may adjust the schedule as necessary.  All those receiving this RFP will be directly notified of any changes in the timetable.
Enterprise Florida issues formal DRG RFP.



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DIG FY 11-12 Recommendations and Selection Process

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